Cape Agulhas Guest House

The History of the Cape Agulhas Lighthouse

Forget Cape Point. The true southernmost Tip of Africa, the one that whispers tales of shipwrecks and stormy seas, is Cape Agulhas. Here, where the warm waters of the Indian Ocean meets the icy grip of the Atlantic Ocean, lies the meeting point two mighty currents (Agulhas and Benguela), as well as an epic history […]

What is the Difference Between Cape Point and Cape Agulhas?

When you think of iconic South Africas, three prominent Western Cape locations often come to mind: Table Mountain, Cape Agulhas, and Cape Point.  While much is known about Table Mountain, a Cape Town icon that reigns proud over the Mother City, Cape Agulhas and Cape Point are also popular tourist destinations that have become significant […]

Whale Watching in the Western Cape: All You Need to Know

The Western Cape is famous for its impressive mountains, world-class winelands, and sun-kissed beaches, but did you know Cape Town boasts some of the best marine encounters and whale watching tours in Africa? With one of the most unique coastlines in the world (facing north, south, west, and east), the Cape enjoys year-round proximity to […]

The cape Agulhas Lighthouse: All you need to know

The Cape Agulhas Lighthouse stands proudly near the quaint town of L’Agulhas in South Africa, holding within its walls a rich history of maritime navigation. Built in 1848, the Agulhas lighthouse plays a crucial role in navigating ships through treacherous conditions at the southernmost point of Africa, where the Atlantic and Indian Oceans meet. Its […]